Well, we now own a 1957 Corvette travel trailer in pretty rough shape. It’s a tiny thing, only about 12 1/2 feet long.

Here it is in its beat up glory.

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As you can see it wasn’t well taken care of.  Then again, it is over 50 years old.  This is a picture from right after we brought it home. So far in the 4 days we’ve owned it I’ve given it a decent scrubbing. Cleaned out the inside, let’s just say yuck, and leave it at that. Installed an external power plug, wired in 2 lights and a grounded outlet for power.

Also, lesson learned. I was proud of myself for picking up a twist lock power plug and outlet at Home Depot and installing them. The plug I put on the end of a 50′ extension cord. Then today Chuck comes over to lend a hand with some of the wiring and mentions that normally he does the reverse and mounts the male plug on the trailer and the female outlet part on the extension cord. Not 10 minutes later I go to plug the trailer back in, after fixing a light, and notice the plug has a slightly bent prong, so reach down with my thumb to straighten it out and “BZZZZZZZZ OUCH!” 120v to my fingers. Chuck just looks at me and says “That’s why I do it the other way”.

I think maybe I’ll redo the outlet.