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They did a video about FNMOC. Who knew?

Part 1 link here.

Part 2 link here.

You actually see part of Emerald, one of our unclass clusters at about 2:30 into the second clip. It’s the 1st of three rows of racks for Emerald, but it’s the easiest to film.

Kind of a goofy video really, but better than nothin. 🙂


Well, Sunday the sun finally came out and Roberta and I snuck off for a nice ride down through Carmel Valley.

We stopped off in Carmel Valley Village for lunch, but since the whole region was in the midst of a power outage we ended up eating a picnic style lunch made of chips, soda’s, and sandwiches from the local gas station. It was actually kind of nice.

Then we continued on another 12 miles or so through some really pretty winding hills. Finally turning up Tassajara road. Where this picture was taken.

From 2011 Adventures

We found an interesting little General store next to a Trailer Park/Town called Cachugua. I swear I heard banjos playing in the wind.  Nice old guy sitting on the porch of the store. People wandered in and out and everyone seemed to know each other.

We continued on up throught the hills and back toward Carmel Valley Village. Up and the top we took these pictures with Roberta’s now broken Droid phone.

From 2011 Adventures
From 2011 Adventures

All in all it was about 65 miles round trip. A real nice day for a ride and a lot of fun for our first biking adventure.

Here’s the route we took.

From 2011 Adventures

So, I go out and buy a beautiful motorcycle on the 5th of March. Then on the 6th it starts to rain, and rain, and storm, and rain!

Today is the 24th of March and we’ve had 4 days with out rain. 4 days out of 21.

From Monterey Living

I’m about to just say bag it and ride in the rain. It’s the gusting side winds that get interesting.

Update: I rode to work today, even with the rain, blowing sideways no less.

Note to self, need to stop grinning when I ride or I’m going to end up drowning in my helmet. 😉

Second note to self- Carhart jackets double in weight when soaking wet.

I am so sick and tired of people crying and whining about the bloody Fukushima Nuclear plant and how we’re all “GOING TO DIEEEEEE!!!!’

I hope people end up bankrupt buying iodine tablets. Morons.

At the edge of the Fukushima site the radiation levels are (as of this writing) between 1 and 3 millirems per hour.

Reference 1: An astronaut gets about 25,000 millirems per shuttle mission. That means a trip on the shuttle is like standing next to the Fukushima plant for between 347 days to 1041 days. Or roughly 1-3 years, for every ride on the  shuttle.

Reference 2: One 150 gram banana has about .01 millirems of natural radiation. So, if you eat between 100 and 300 banana’s you get the Banana Equivalent Dose of Radiation as standing on the property of the Fukushima plant. Better stay away from the produce aisle!

Reference 3: A US worker is allowed under Federal Regulation up to 5000 millirems per year of exposure. This is considered a Safe level of exposure. (During WW2 it was 25000 millirems per year, or a Shuttle mission). 5000 millirems / 3 millirems per hour = 1667 hours of safe exposure or 70 days onsite before exceeding the Federally mandated Safe levels of exposure. Or 210 days at 1 millirem an hour.

Sure, any radiation leak is bad. But get a bloody grip already. People in the US are actually buying iodine tablets?? You realize your 5,500 miles away (in California). Right? You can’t really be so stupid as to think a small radiation leak from Japan is going to effect you. Right? Right??

Reference Health Physics Society

Reference MIT

Reference PajamasMedia

Reference (Banana Equivalent Dose)

Last Saturday we finally picked up the bike. Here is our new 2007 Yamaha YZF-R6, or R6 for short. It’s in the Arrest Me Red.

From 2011 Adventures

I need to do something about adding a bit of padding to the back seat. It’s that postage stamp piece of black right on the tail end. (-: After picking the bike up at JM Motorsports in Mountain View Roberta and I rode it up over Hiway 17 to Santa Cruz and down the coast to home. First time on a bike in over 5 and we ride 90 miles home.

I’ve already added a fender eliminator, so most of the misc hanging off the tail end is gone and cleaned up. Next I’ll put some small LED front turn signals in to clean that up. Makes for a sleaker looking bike.

Fun fun fun fun!

From the annals of science fiction turned science fact. I just discovered an interesting web site that talks about the Monterey Accelerated Research System. It’s a cabled undersea research station (unmanned) but still really cool.

Read about it here

The MARS project in Monterey Bay

Well, we now own a 1957 Corvette travel trailer in pretty rough shape. It’s a tiny thing, only about 12 1/2 feet long.

Here it is in its beat up glory.

From Projects

As you can see it wasn’t well taken care of.  Then again, it is over 50 years old.  This is a picture from right after we brought it home. So far in the 4 days we’ve owned it I’ve given it a decent scrubbing. Cleaned out the inside, let’s just say yuck, and leave it at that. Installed an external power plug, wired in 2 lights and a grounded outlet for power.

Also, lesson learned. I was proud of myself for picking up a twist lock power plug and outlet at Home Depot and installing them. The plug I put on the end of a 50′ extension cord. Then today Chuck comes over to lend a hand with some of the wiring and mentions that normally he does the reverse and mounts the male plug on the trailer and the female outlet part on the extension cord. Not 10 minutes later I go to plug the trailer back in, after fixing a light, and notice the plug has a slightly bent prong, so reach down with my thumb to straighten it out and “BZZZZZZZZ OUCH!” 120v to my fingers. Chuck just looks at me and says “That’s why I do it the other way”.

I think maybe I’ll redo the outlet.

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