Well, I’m finally getting serious about purchasing another motorcycle. Since this isn’t a spur of the moment, buy it now, kind of thing I’ve started doing research. And yes, it’s driving Roberta nuts. (-:

So, after personal experience, comments from friends, and online reviews, I’ve pretty much decided on one of the folowing rice rockets. I’ve owned a Yamaha R6 before and that bike was an absolute blast.

What’s going to be the final deciding factor is what can I buy for my price range. I’m torn between the power of the Litre bikes and the nimbleness of the 600’s. That’s going to be a hard decision.

As for what the bikes are going for used. Well, here’s a chart showing Retail price vs Trade In price (according to Kelly Blue Book) over time. This gives me a good way to tell if a bike is decently priced or not.

From Drop Box
From Drop Box

What I’ve done, by hand, is to take the sale price of the bikes off of Craigslist for the last month or so and plotted them by year on my charts. This gives a nice “what are people asking” range. There’s quite a bit of flucturation due to add ons, people asking too much, damage, etc. It’s a fun excercise though. And it’s giving me a good ball park range of prices to be expecting.