As most of you know, I’m a self-taught nerd. I have no fancy degrees from expensive colleges or Universities. At least not yet, (that caveat it there to appease my old man), who to this day still shudders that I haven’t gone back to school. (-:

So, how do I go from being a roofer by trade to fixing some of the fastest and most expensive computers in the world? Let me show you my classroom.

From 2011 Adventures

Carefully note the Stanford blanky in case I get cold. The nice cold beer next to my chair, and the iTouch which connects me straight to online courses at Stanford and MIT. And the kicker is, as long as you’re motivated and a self starter/completer, the courses are free. Yes, you read that correctly, free. So a poor schmuck like me can watch a lecture from Stanford, which I won’t ever be able to afford to go to, and get the same education that someone who can afford to go, gets. Yes, I won’t get a fancy diploma, but, at this stage in my career, that’s just an added bonus to what I’ve already accomplished.

From 2011 Adventures

My window into the educational world. Notice my fancy home made cardboard and duct tape iTouch stand. (-: I R an Engineer! Late at night while the kids and Roberta sleep I will sit quietly in my chair, drinking a cold beer, headphones in, watching a lecture from some of the most prestigious schools in the world. All from the comfort of my own home.  There are times that technology is just amazing.

Don’t get me wrong. At some point I’ll go back and get my doctorate. It’ll probably be in something that has absolutely nothing to do with computers. I want to get a degree for fun, not work. And high energy physics sounds like a kick, or maybe underwater basket weaving, it’s a toss up.  But, that’ll be in the future after the kids are grown and I have the time to spare.