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Lynn and Chuck found a 1957 Corvette travel trailer for us the other day, (more on that in a blog soon), and while cleaning it out today I ran across this.

From Projects

It seems to be from the Grand Hotel Cairo. I have no idea of how old it is. It appears to be a plaque that was nailed to something, maybe the door?

It says.

Notice to Residents will guests requiring of partners for sleeping or purposes male and female both please most kindly request the desk of reception

M. Hassan- General Manager

Supposedly this trailer has made some adventures overseas. Could it really have made a trip through Egypt sometime in the last 54 or so years? If only it could talk.


A few years ago I volunteered to chaperone Megan and some of her classmates on a school field trip up to the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose. Well, it was Molly and Nora’s turn last week. Their 6th grade field trip. So, once again I volunteered.

It takes about an hour and a half on the Discovery busses to get there.

From 2011 Adventures

Once we get there everyone wanders around a bit while they get things organized and start groups of kids through the tour. We weren’t allowed to take pictures inside the museum, so I snapped a few outside of the kids.

From 2011 Adventures

We did the 10:30 tour and afterwards we sat around and ate a nice bag lunch in the sunshine. One of the girls in my group brought a superball along and it wasn’t long before, oops, into the fountain it went.

From 2011 Adventures

It was a pretty fun time. The museum has several real mummies, one of only seven known to exist statues of Cleopatra, and a lot of pretty interesting items.

It really is these small, fun times, with the kids that create long happy memories.

I’ll try to refrain myself and only say this once. F@#$ng Insurance Companies are pieces or rotting S%@# sucking worthless m@#$%f@#$ing a$$f$@&%#$!

Enough said. For now.

Watching Craigslist for bikes I”m interested in show that either people are greedy (surprise!) or the values given by Kelley Blue Book are low.

The black dots represent prices for bikes.

From Drop Box

The new 2011 Yamaha YZF-R1. I think I have a drooling problem. If I could buy any bike, right now this is my number one pic.

Here’s my old R6. It was a 2003. I left it stock. No mods at all.

From Drop Box

Would you believe this bike could exceded 163 MPH with a 200 pound person on board? Not that I would know this or anything.

Well, I’m finally getting serious about purchasing another motorcycle. Since this isn’t a spur of the moment, buy it now, kind of thing I’ve started doing research. And yes, it’s driving Roberta nuts. (-:

So, after personal experience, comments from friends, and online reviews, I’ve pretty much decided on one of the folowing rice rockets. I’ve owned a Yamaha R6 before and that bike was an absolute blast.

What’s going to be the final deciding factor is what can I buy for my price range. I’m torn between the power of the Litre bikes and the nimbleness of the 600’s. That’s going to be a hard decision.

As for what the bikes are going for used. Well, here’s a chart showing Retail price vs Trade In price (according to Kelly Blue Book) over time. This gives me a good way to tell if a bike is decently priced or not.

From Drop Box
From Drop Box

What I’ve done, by hand, is to take the sale price of the bikes off of Craigslist for the last month or so and plotted them by year on my charts. This gives a nice “what are people asking” range. There’s quite a bit of flucturation due to add ons, people asking too much, damage, etc. It’s a fun excercise though. And it’s giving me a good ball park range of prices to be expecting.


I ended up getting an invite to the AT&T Pro Am Golf Tournament through Intel. So two of my co-workers and I went and shmoozed with some Intel folks and checked out the Pro Am.

AT&T Pro Am

To start with, the Pebble Beach golf courses are probably some of the, if not the, most beautiful golf courses in the world. Pebble Beach course is right on the ocean, we saw whales blowing while watching golf. Spy Glass course wanders through the woods (my favorite), and Monterey Pines Course hugs 17 Mile drive and the ocean.

Intel had an Executive Booth set up right over the 18th fairway of Pebble Beach Course. Snacks, food, drinks, air conditioning, etc. When you were inside the booth it was really difficult to tell it was a temporary building on stilts. It was really nice inside. There was also seats and cover on the roof where you could relax in the breeze coming off the ocean and watch the players go by.

So, what are my impressions of the AT&T? I wouldn’t pay money to see it, that’s for sure. It was almost not worth it at the price of free. Why? Well, the scenery was extraordinary, the weather was 70 and sunny, it was about as perfect as you could wish. Then there were the 100’s of volunteers that were there in their white knickers and red shirts to make sure the commoners didn’t get too close to their betters. Every time a player walked anywhere all of the commoners were held back with ropes. If you checked the time on your phone you were told to put it away or leave. No cameras allowed. Commoners weren’t allowed to take pictures of their betters. Etc, etc. It got old really quickly.

I did discover why they don’t allow cameras though. I never saw more pink and pastels on guys outside of a Gay Pride parade in my life. I was stunned that grown men really thought it was okay to dress like that. Amazing. I can imagine how embarrassed they would be if people took pictures of them dressed like that and then posted them for all to see. 

I’m glad I went and checked it out. Now I can cross that off my list of things I’ve done and not have to do it again.

Roberta, Molly, Nora, and I went to the beach up in Sand City again today. It was another beautiful sunny day. Hard to believe it’s still early February.

Here’s just a few pictures of a good day.

Here’s my ladies and Jacob heading down to Sand City beach to search for Sea Glass.

From 2011 Adventures

Here’s Nora and Molly looking determined.

From 2011 Adventures

Roberta walking down the beach enjoying a bit of quiet.

From 2011 Adventures

The sun setting over my ladies. (This pic is 1600×1200 I use it as my background.)

From 2011 Adventures

Another wonderful sunset over Monterey Bay. (This pic is 1600×1200)

From 2011 Adventures

As most of you know, I’m a self-taught nerd. I have no fancy degrees from expensive colleges or Universities. At least not yet, (that caveat it there to appease my old man), who to this day still shudders that I haven’t gone back to school. (-:

So, how do I go from being a roofer by trade to fixing some of the fastest and most expensive computers in the world? Let me show you my classroom.

From 2011 Adventures

Carefully note the Stanford blanky in case I get cold. The nice cold beer next to my chair, and the iTouch which connects me straight to online courses at Stanford and MIT. And the kicker is, as long as you’re motivated and a self starter/completer, the courses are free. Yes, you read that correctly, free. So a poor schmuck like me can watch a lecture from Stanford, which I won’t ever be able to afford to go to, and get the same education that someone who can afford to go, gets. Yes, I won’t get a fancy diploma, but, at this stage in my career, that’s just an added bonus to what I’ve already accomplished.

From 2011 Adventures

My window into the educational world. Notice my fancy home made cardboard and duct tape iTouch stand. (-: I R an Engineer! Late at night while the kids and Roberta sleep I will sit quietly in my chair, drinking a cold beer, headphones in, watching a lecture from some of the most prestigious schools in the world. All from the comfort of my own home.  There are times that technology is just amazing.

Don’t get me wrong. At some point I’ll go back and get my doctorate. It’ll probably be in something that has absolutely nothing to do with computers. I want to get a degree for fun, not work. And high energy physics sounds like a kick, or maybe underwater basket weaving, it’s a toss up.  But, that’ll be in the future after the kids are grown and I have the time to spare.


It looks like PG is going to be doing something similar to what they used to do down in Bay St. Louis Missippi. Once a month the stores will stay open late, there will be snacks, art, music, etc.

Pacific Grove is going against curfew and staying up late -until 8pm that is. Beginning this month and continuing the monthly custom until December, First Friday Pacific Grove will manifest a day of exploration, entertainment and enjoyment. This free event aims to celebrate Pacific Grove galleries and businesses. Waving green flags identify the participators. Aside from live music, entertainment, music, snacks, and even giveaways, local spots are inviting all people to come on in and check out Butterfly Town USA.
5-8pm. Downtown Pacific Grove. Free. 324-4742.

Roberta and I will head downtown, get some dinner, and check it out. Will update later.

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