I usually don’t post much about Roberta’s cancer. I let her do most of that.

However, today I’m going to make a post. As some who have followed our ordeal know, we debated long and hard about doing another round of Chemo. The last time she tried it she ended up fighting pneumonia for 2 months. This time we figured it was gonig to be a roll of the dice. A chance it could kill her, a chance it would do nothing, a chance it would let her live longer. There is no cure, but we might be able to buy more time.

She was supposed to do 6 rounds of Gemzar this time, but her liver enzymes shot up after the 3rd and they pulled the plug after the 4th round. So, she’s sick as hell, still has hair, but didn’t finish the course of treatments.

She had an MRI on Tuesday to see if the Gemzar had helped at all.

Comparing to 4 months ago ALL tumors are either the same size or smaller. All of them. So, luck was with us. She’s better than she was 4 months ago.Now we just need to keep her from getting pneumonia again and this will be a complete win. (ignoring the pain, vomiting, etc).

Now a few weeks to a month of recovery from the chemo, a month or so of breathing, and then we talk about doing it all over again.