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Well, the Hackintosh experiment is now over. The systems lost audio the other day, so I figured it was just a kext that had been overwritten by an official Apple update. Sadly, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Long story short. The Gigabyte motherboard I was using went south on me. Every time the system rebooted it would reset the bios back to factory defaults, and a Hackintosh needs a couple of specific bios settings to work. And before anyone says “it’s the battery’, it’s not. I’ve replaced to be sure, however, the bios reset to factory but it never lost the date and time.  Which means the motherboard failed. I spent several hours dinking with the bloody thing with no success.

Anyhow, I picked up a cheap motherboard replacement to get the system running again so the girls could play the new World of Warcraft patch. Monterey California has a very very limited supply of localy stocked motherboards. It’s an older style Gigabyte motherboard that doesn’t support being a Hackintosh. As such I gave my brother in-law a call and will be getting another Windows 7 Ultimate key. (Helps he works for Microsoft).  One good thing about Windows 7 is that I can use it for up to 30 days before needing the key. Which gives me the buffer I needed. I should be getting the key next week, and yet I now have 2 up and running Windows machines.

I took the old motherboard and put it in a different case with some spare parts and built a new Ubuntu desktop system. Ubuntu doesn’t need any special settings to work. So, even though the motherboard has failed it’s still usable. At least for a developement/spare machine.

I may or may not build another Hackintosh in the future. It was fun to figure out.

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