I’m sitting in the lobby of the New Orleans Convention Center waiting for the exhibition hall to open up for the opening gala. The conference hasn’t even fully kicked off yet and my feet already ache.

Arrived last night and already did a dinner with one of the Cray sales persons, caught two jazz clubs in the French Quarter, hit three talks and had coffee at Cafe Du Monde.

Plus ate at Cochon Butcher. Stuck with the meat pie and shied away from the rabbit livers, alligator and pork head cheese. Just not my style.

Its going to be a busy week. Opening gala in 30 minutes. Drinks and shmoozing til 9, then off to the riverboat for the Beowulf Bash and another 2 hours of drinks and shmoozing.

Fyi. The holiday inn express near the convention center is not a good hotel. It’s where we are staying.