Looks like my friend Guy Robinson will be heading a Bird’s of a Feather talk at supercomputing this year.

SESSION: Petascale Computing Infrastructures for Science Engines

As Petascale compute systems start to move into production science facilities there are a number of associated challenges that centres and users face when making best use of these systems if they are to become productive science engines for research. Some issues that this community needs to address are, how to support the data intensive work associated with petascale computations, how to develop and promote best practices within the various communities, and how to build closer links between the users requirements and eResearch activity. We invite those who are about to begin to use, operate or plan Petascale facilities to attend and discuss with a group of their peers their proposed activities, anticipated challenges and solution ideas. It is hoped this will begin the process of sharing experiences and establishing best practices and bring together the necessary scientific users, centre staff and computational science researchers to address the key issues identified.