I became slightly irritated today when this couple drove up in their Prius, parked, got out and started putting flyers on peoples doors.

They actually handed one to Megan. Who then handed it to me. It was a Democratic flyer telling you “who” you were to vote for and “how” you were to vote for every proposition on the ballot.

Soooo… I walked into the front yard, crumpled up the flyer, tossed it in the garbage can and yelled “I vote how I want.!” Then went inside, thought about it a minute then yelled out the window. “Besides! I’m a F!@#$ing Republican!”

Morons telling other morons how to vote. What a great way to run a country. It’s a Democracy! Which means everyone gets to choose how to vote. Not be fricken told how to vote! Sheeple. A bunch of moronic sheeple around here.