Getting ready for Supercomputing in two weeks. A.K.A. Nerd Fest 2010. Can’t wait to get down to New Orleans and see people I haven’t seen in years.

It looks like our dance card is pretty much filled with events already. This is a rough schedule only and subject to much change. You have to be loose and agile with your dance card at events like this.

  • Sunday night we fly in and have dinner with Danny Conner. A great lady I knew from when she was at Linux Networx, now with Cray.
  • Monday night is the opening Gala.
  • Tuesday night a dinner at the House of Blues with Platform Computing.
  • Wednesday night Pat Obrien’s with SGI.
  • Thursday night might be Mellanox back at the House of Blues. (still debating)

This doesn’t even include the parties thrown by Microsoft, IBM, Cray, etc. Although, if I go to the Cray party it might turn into a lynching, mine.  

On top of that are all the visits with friends and co-workers, a trip up to NAVO for a PoBoy at the Rocketeria, checking out Diamondhead, etc.

It’s going to be a busy busy week.