Roberta has been working at SeaHarvest, our friends restaurant, for over a year now. She’s had to cut back to just one part time shift a week. Tuesday 11:30 to 3. It was all she could really handle lately. So, every Tuesday I’d go have lunch at SeaHarvest.

Today, I went to a crappy conference on Cloud Computing over at the Naval Postgraduate School. I didn’t get a chance to go to lunch.

Today, Roberta quit working. Today ended up being her last day. I had thought I had another week. It is not to be.

Never again will I get the chance to pinch my waitresses butt as she walked by. Pick on her by asking if the fish was fresh or the beer warm. Ask if the fish was local or on the sustainable fish list. All pet peeves. No longer will Tuesdays be my day to go get Clam Chowder and a diet Pepsi. Chicho wouldn’t even ask, (he’s the bus boy/helper on Tuesdays), he’d just go grab my soda and a glass of ice. Then I’d give my waitress a ration of crap if it was slow, or just a hello if it was busy.

I suppose all things come to an end. It’s just not easy sometimes. Tuesdays won’t be the same again.

FYI. Cancer fucking sucks.