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My new Minimed Paradigm 723 insulin pump arrived last week. The other day I took it out and spent some time programming it up. Tonight I had to change out my set so decided it was time to switch to my new pump. Whoo hooo. Or so I thought.

Put the battery in, reset the time and date, told the pump to rewind and the next thing I know it pops up a question “Did you disconnect the pump from your body. Y or N?” What the hell is this? Y, enter.

Put the new insulin set in and get ready to prime the tubing. Another question pops up. “Did you disconnect the pump from your body. Y or N?” WTF is this crap? Y enter. Prime the tubing, Another damn question pops up. “Did you see drops from the tubing. Y or N?” Now I’m really starting to get pissed of at the 3rd grade questions.

I’ve already sent off an email to the Medtronic Rep for the area asking how I turn the stupid questions off. If they say that I can’t, well then  they can have their $6500 $#@!% pump back and I’ll go with someone else.

I will not have something I need ask me condescending 3rd grade questions and piss me off every time I have to use it. Not gonna happen.  As you can tell I am not currently pleased with my new Medtronic Minimed Paradigm 723 insulin pump. And yes I spelled it all out so it will get hit by web searches.



I have received a response from Minimed that basically says “Live with it”. So, I have responded by sending an email to the whole Mimimed Rep chain requesting to trade the new 723 pump for an older model 722. I’m interested in seeing what they have to say. Probably tell me to piss off, they could care less what the users actually want. Anyone want to make a wager?


Yep. I pretty much got a “fuck off” from Medtronic. Suprise!! I’d like to nominate the new menu screens on the Paradigm 723 Insulin Pump to the stupid warning label group. It fits perfectly with the “Do not fold stroller while child is inside.” So now I have a $6500 Insulting Insulin Pump.


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