So, it seems we are truly a nerd family.

I couldn’t sleep last night, so at about midnight I grabbed the itouch and headphones. I laid in bed reading emails, surfing the net, and watching netflix movies until nearly 2 am.

Roberta, forgetting to take one of her pain meds, woke up at 5:30 am in pain. She takes her pain pills, but has to wait for a while for it to kick in. So, what does she do? Grabs her droid, lays in bed checking email, surfing the net, and watching videos.

Nerds! It’s official. Even the wife is a nerd. Needless to say all the kids are also. Molly and Nora play World of Warcraft (hacked site echelonwow) until bedtime on the two main computers, while Megan does homework, and watches youtube videos on the laptop. This leaves Roberta and I to use the droid and itouch for internet connections. Thank goodness we have a fast broadband connection.