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I became slightly irritated today when this couple drove up in their Prius, parked, got out and started putting flyers on peoples doors.

They actually handed one to Megan. Who then handed it to me. It was a Democratic flyer telling you “who” you were to vote for and “how” you were to vote for every proposition on the ballot.

Soooo… I walked into the front yard, crumpled up the flyer, tossed it in the garbage can and yelled “I vote how I want.!” Then went inside, thought about it a minute then yelled out the window. “Besides! I’m a F!@#$ing Republican!”

Morons telling other morons how to vote. What a great way to run a country. It’s a Democracy! Which means everyone gets to choose how to vote. Not be fricken told how to vote! Sheeple. A bunch of moronic sheeple around here.


Getting ready for Supercomputing in two weeks. A.K.A. Nerd Fest 2010. Can’t wait to get down to New Orleans and see people I haven’t seen in years.

It looks like our dance card is pretty much filled with events already. This is a rough schedule only and subject to much change. You have to be loose and agile with your dance card at events like this.

  • Sunday night we fly in and have dinner with Danny Conner. A great lady I knew from when she was at Linux Networx, now with Cray.
  • Monday night is the opening Gala.
  • Tuesday night a dinner at the House of Blues with Platform Computing.
  • Wednesday night Pat Obrien’s with SGI.
  • Thursday night might be Mellanox back at the House of Blues. (still debating)

This doesn’t even include the parties thrown by Microsoft, IBM, Cray, etc. Although, if I go to the Cray party it might turn into a lynching, mine.  

On top of that are all the visits with friends and co-workers, a trip up to NAVO for a PoBoy at the Rocketeria, checking out Diamondhead, etc.

It’s going to be a busy busy week.

We had our annual pumpkin massacre last night. Molly, Nora, Meg, and two of Meg’s friends joined in on the fun. Hacking, slashing, gutting, and generally making a mess. 3 orange pumpkins and two whites.

It’s hard to believe that in this day and age of commercialism of pagan rituals that a 16-year-old might not have carved a pumpkin before. Well, believe it or not, this was Tyler’s very first time at carving a pumpkin. 16 years old and had never had the pleasure of getting gooey pumpkin guts all over his fingers. 

I’ll get some pictures up later.

The first private spaceport for passengers. Virgin Galactic builds in New Mexico. Very cool

It’s so sad for me to believe that a magazine would be so desperate for sensationalism that they would stoop this bloody low. And a magazine that’s supposed to be a science based one at that.

From an article in Nature. A magazine that used to be, at least nominally, credible.

Space tourism to accelerate climate change

It’s enough to gag a person the crap they spew these days. Really? Are you so desperate for articles that you think this even makes sense? Did ANYONE at the magazine stop for 10 seconds and think this through? Or they all just decide, what the hell. People are too stupid to realize we’re feeding them a complete line of bullshit. Go for it!

I was poking around and just discovered that Lane is now part of the rock group Pretty Enemies. I knew he and his brother were in other groups besides the Tap Handles, but this is the first time I’ve seen any info.


Here he is jamming at one of the Gigs.

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the skylights. Whooo hooo. It hasn’t rained here significantly in months. It’s sprinkled a couple of times in the last 6 months. But not really rained.

Well, the rain finally came today. Not heavy mind, just what my Seattle friends would call, a drizzle. But, it’s rain non the less.

After growing up in the Pacific Northwest I’ve learned to like the rain, and miss it. In moderation of course. Mississippi had some serious “to much rain in to short a time” instances. But here, it really only rains in the winter time. If it weren’t for all the bloody fog it would be a desert around here during the summer.

Anyhow, I think we’ll head down to SeaHarvest and have some nice hot Clam Chowder and Calamari. Makes for a nice hot meal on a cold and rainy day. (-:

I know. I’m not normal.

Roberta has been working at SeaHarvest, our friends restaurant, for over a year now. She’s had to cut back to just one part time shift a week. Tuesday 11:30 to 3. It was all she could really handle lately. So, every Tuesday I’d go have lunch at SeaHarvest.

Today, I went to a crappy conference on Cloud Computing over at the Naval Postgraduate School. I didn’t get a chance to go to lunch.

Today, Roberta quit working. Today ended up being her last day. I had thought I had another week. It is not to be.

Never again will I get the chance to pinch my waitresses butt as she walked by. Pick on her by asking if the fish was fresh or the beer warm. Ask if the fish was local or on the sustainable fish list. All pet peeves. No longer will Tuesdays be my day to go get Clam Chowder and a diet Pepsi. Chicho wouldn’t even ask, (he’s the bus boy/helper on Tuesdays), he’d just go grab my soda and a glass of ice. Then I’d give my waitress a ration of crap if it was slow, or just a hello if it was busy.

I suppose all things come to an end. It’s just not easy sometimes. Tuesdays won’t be the same again.

FYI. Cancer fucking sucks.

The annual Supercomputing conference is heading back to Seattle in 2011. Of all the places that I’ve attended the conference I think Seattle was one of the best.

SC11 in Seattle announcement.

Supercomputing conference locations that I’ve attended.

  • SC05: Seattle Washington: Good venue. Microsoft went nuts over the advertisement.
  • SC06: Tampa Florida: Pretty decent. Enjoyed the conference.
  • SC07:  Reno Nevada: Sucked. Reno was a lousy location. Hope we never go back there.
  • SC08: Austin Texas: Decent Venue. Austin was a lot of fun. A return to Austin would be good.
  • SC10: New Orleans Louisiana: Ask me after I get home and the hangover subsides.  Will be interesting to see. Haven’t been back since we left after The Storm.

7150 years ago. That’s how long ago there were people living in Pacific Grove. That’s better than 2000 years before there were pyramids in Egypt.

Oldest town on the Peninsula: Prehistoric Pacific Grove
by archeologists Gary Breschini and Trudy Haversat
Friday, October 22, 7 to 9p.m.


Who knew that the little town we now call Pacific Grove had such a history. It’s mainly known as being started as a Methodist camp back in the 1870’s. Then more recently being known as “America’s Last Home Town”. Famous for our Monarch butterflies, Lovers Point, and the oldest lighthouse in California. But who would have thought we had such history.

I’m thinking that on the 22nd I might just have to go listen to the lecture. One of the skeletons they found belonged to a 30ish woman who died here on our peninsula only 5300 years ago.

I’ll update with more information when I get some time to play and research more.

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