Well, from the annals of “I thought that would work”.

After building the Hackintosh I had the old fatal1ty motherboard left over and a tired old Pentium 4. So, I figured, hmmmm. Bet I can mix and match and have a faster computer.

I started by getting an old Intel Duo Core chip. Once I acquired that I figured I was good to go.

I put in a 2.4 ghz Intel duo core chip, an nvidia 8600gt card, a 250 GB IDE drive I had laying around and an IDE DVD read write. I have a lot of crap floating around, if you didn’t notice.

Step 1. After putting it all together I discovered an old pentium 4 power supply does not have the correct 20 pin connector for the motherboard. Ordered $50 power supply from new egg. Week later.

Step 2. Installed everything again with the new power supply. Fired it up. Yes! Uh oh. Why is the video all pixilated like a 16 bit video game? Hours later, give in to the fact that the video card is toast.

Step 3. Borrow video card from a co worker. Install everything and fire it up again. Hard drive comes up as a 130 gb partition instead of 250 (left over issue from trying a dual boot with linux, if ya get it wrong windows is not happy). Bag it, it still works. Move on. Install my old copy of windows XP. 3 hours later and a dozen or so windows updates I’m up and sailing. Install world of warcraft, 2 hours to download. Good to go.

Step 4. Get a 250 gb drive that’s not buggered up (yet). Boot a live Ubuntu Linux cd and dd a copy from old drive to new drive. Remove old drive. Fire up computer. New 250 gb drive now thinks it’s a 130 gb drive. Damn!!! Several hours later I give in. Pull new/old drive and stick in a different drive.

Step 5. Power on system. 5 seconds later, poof, powers itself off. Unplug new drive. same thing. Unplug everything not needed to boot. Same thing. Pull memory. beeeeeeeeeeep. Okay, sees memory. Pull cards, same thing.

Final step. Open beer, admit defeat. I’ve toasted it.  Damn computers anyways!