As I walked to the car this morning, heading out to drop the girls off at school and head for work, I felt a difference in the air. It seems that every year there is a day, sometimes it stands out from the others, sometimes it’s a quiet change, that let’s you know the season is changing. Today was that day.

The weather was sunny, cool, and crisp. The wind blew in little give and takes. Leaves rustling in the small gusts.  There was an expectation to the air. It was as if mother nature was telling the leaves, today it’s time to start changing colors. It’s time, winter is coming.

The changing of the season ignores the calendar. It happens when it happens. In Alaska the change was breathtaking, in Mississippi it was quiet as a mouse. Here, here it is felt more than seen.

When I was in grade school I remember it happening as I walked down the road by our house. It’s the first time I remember ever feeling it, the expectation of winter around the corner. I remember the day in 1985, it was while walking through officer housing at Ft. Knox, a day I won’t ever forget. I had an afternoon off from basic training, so I went walking. Just time to myself, and it turned out to be the day the seasons changed.  It was also a year of major changes for me.

Then today, I feel the quiet breath once again. Winter is coming.