We picked up this peice of crap Dell printer last year off of craigslist. Turned out the stupid thing pretty much only worked with windows XP. Not windows vista, Not windows 7, Not ubunu, and Not Mac OSX. Dell AIO 924. Not worth a crap printer. I actually put XP on an old computer to keep it running, pretty sad really.

So, yesterday we were walking around Costco and I saw an HP printer on sale for $89. What the hell, might as well try. It comes with wireless, not that I cared really. It’s an HP Officejet 4500.

Long story short. I now have the printer working through

  1. OSX Snow Leopard: USB Cable
  2. Windows 7: Wired network to wireless hub and then wireless to printer
  3. Ubuntu laptop: Wireless connection
  4. (future) windows XP via wireless (rebuilding the computer. bigger, better, faster)

3 different operating systems, three different connection types, and all working without a problem. It’s pretty sweet!

HP Officejet 4500