The TV commercials are starting again. Get your H1N1 flu shot “or DIE!!!!!” Run in circles screaming the PANDEMIC is back!! The PANDEMIC is back!!

Oh wait, uhm, didn’t we all die last year from the hiney flu? I mean swine flu, I mean Bird Flu, I mean H1N1? Oh whatever! At least according to all the fear mongers we were all supposed to die last year, (or was it the year before that, or the year before that?) from this earth destroying pandemic flu. Now it seems they were mistaken, at least last year they were. But now we’re all going to “DIE!” of the Pandemic bird/Hiney/swine/H1N1 this year. At least according to the news and infomercials showing up on television, again, for the “you Must get your flu vaccine”. Yes, the commercials predicting our doom have started again. Didn’t pan out last year, so let’s try again this year. Just replay the same panic and doom videos from last year and hope people can be suckered this year.

In case you didn’t catch it, or maybe the news didn’t tell anyone. The “Pandemic H1N1” flu virus actually turned out to be less harmful than the regular seasonal flu. references But I bet you didn’t hear that splashed across informecials/news/media.

You have to love our society. If it Bleeds it leads. If it doesn’t bleed, bury it.

I get so sick of people trying to raise a false panic over some cause or item. It gets so very old. People/News/Activists need to learn to shut the hell up already.