Well, I think my Uncle Bill would be smiling. I can almost hear him saying “Damn Kids!” (Paul and I wouldn’t put his tools away clean). There’s a new generation of the family that will know how to turn a wrench.

Nora and I were watching a How-To on VW maintenenace Sunday night and on Monday afternoon we tore apart the bug. Set the points, timing, adjusted the carb, checked spark plugs, and compression in each of the cylinders. We also discussed how each of the components worked. And she gets it. At 11 years old she’s turning wrench with me. (-:

After I give Megan her bug next year it’ll be time to start looking for Nora and Molly’s cars. I think Nora is either going to get the mid 60’s muscle car to play with, or maybe a classic Mini Cooper with a VTEC conversion. It’s going to be something fun to putz around with.

From Wally the Superbeetle