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I’ve had the same Minimed Paradym 722 insulin pump for about 3 years now. Since right before heading for Scotland. This is what my current pump looks like (stock photo)

unfortunately it’s out of warranty. Has been for almost a year now. I haven’t upgraded it yet because the bloody things cost over $6000. Insurance pays about 85% of that, but still, ouch. That, and if I have to pay to replace it, why not use it till it breaks and then replace it? It’s a pretty solid pump.

Anyhow. I finally banged a wall, dropped it, rolled on it, or something. It’s cracked. From the edge of the display towards the battery compartment. Oops. I doubt it’s water tight now.

So, I made an appointment with the Diabetes doc and I’ll go see about getting a script for a new pump. I think I’ll stick with the Minimed pump. It’s not the prettiest, or the most fancy, but it has been durable and it kept me alive during Katrina, so it’s doing okay.

If there are any type 1 diabetics out there not on the pump. Tell your doc to get off his butt and get you one. They’re a pain at first, but once you’re used to em, they work great.

Looks like we’re in for a pretty solid La Niña again this year. The dark blue and purple is colder than normal waters. I like how it pretty much covers all of the western US with some of the coldest anomaly being right near Monterey Bay. Go figure.

More discussion can be found at Watts Up With That about La Niña and how it relates to other La Niña’s of the past. Link Here.

My father sent this to me today. Saying it could have been me.

From Adventures

He wasn’t far off. I learned early that overspeed on a skateboard hurts. Speed wobble leads to falling down and bleeding.

However, at about the age of 12 I went down Nike Hill in Bothell on a pair of borrowed ski’s. Looks pretty similar to this hill, just no water at the end. I’d never skied before, so had no clue as to plowing, turning, or slowing down. I pointed the ski’s straight down the hill and puckered up. It was definitely exhilarating.Made it all the way down without falling, somehow.

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