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Sometimes you have to just stop and laugh.

I’ve been doing some research into the Medical Marijuana card and the more I research this, the more I’m wondering. Should we get a Medical Marijuana Card for Roberta? It seems obvious at first that we should. But only at first.


  • She can have up to several ounces legally.
  • Fairly safe from police prosecution.
  • Ability to buy legally. (not sure if it’s cheaper or more expensive than illegally)


  • $200 plus renewal fees.
  • Depending on the police officer, you may have your marijuana “confiscated” and not returned while card is being verified.
  • Drive up to San Jose or San Francisco to get card and Marijuana legally.
  • Put into a searchable database that has been used in the past by the DMV to deny Drivers License renewals. Rumored to be used by law enforcement to investigate possible “other” criminal activity.
  • Possible loss of job because I hold a security clearance. Marijuana is still not legal Federally. And if she’s in the database it Will come up on my next security review.
  • Her pain management doctor will not prescribe due to fears of losing his license to dispense narcotics. Pretty much the same with her Oncologist. So, we’ll have to go see a doctor with all her records up in Santa Cruz (closest), San Jose, or San Francisco.

So. I guess the question is, even though it’s possible to get the pot card, should she?

Oh ya. Why smoke pot?

  1. Pain: relieves her pain without putting her to sleep or making so fuzzy brained she can’t function. Still feels the pain, but is disassociated from it. Her pain doctor will give her any narcotic she wants in basically any quantity she wants. If she wants to be unconscious and dysfunctional.
  2. nausea:relieves nausea without putting her to sleep like the anti-nausea drugs do.
  3. appetite. Helps her keep from losing weight as badly as she was.

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