One of the fascinating things about living anywhere, is the people you meet. For the last two years I’ve waved at a lady walking her little dogs around the block without ever getting to know her. Friday afternoon I saw her walking the dogs and said “Hey, we’re having a Katrina party tomorrow, swing by.”

“Oh I don’t think I can.” She said ” I have to work.” Work I thought. I figured she was retired. So, I asked what she did. “Oh, I teach gold at Pebble Beach. I’m an LPGA Professional Instructor.” What?!? Ya, she’s one of the 50 best womens golf instructors in the country.

She ended up showing up for the Katrina BBQ and we had a better chance to chat and get to know each other a bit better.

She’s Sally Dodge (AKA Dodger) and has been teaching at Pebble Beach for over 30 years.

So, do you know your neighbors?

Robert: Teaches French and Latin at an exclusive private school. Used to live in France.

Steve: Artist and ex head of Monterey Institute for International Studies.

Dave: VP for HP. Friends to guy that started World of Warcraft (Girls are in awe)

Julie: Electronic Librarian for the Govt. Used to live in Australia.

Walter: Flew Helicopters in Korea and Nam. Drives a beautiful 2007 Shelby Mustang. Loves his old dog Cheyenne.

Mike: Real estate Agent here in P.G. area.

To name just a few.