Now that I am not so pissed I can see again. I really shouldn’t paint all the Pacific Grove Police with the same brush. I really have only had dealings with two of them. Officer Figueroa and well, we’ll just call her “The Bully”.  Officer Figueroa was helpful, if a bit stand-offish. Which I imagine is because he deals with some real crappy people most of the time. He did seem reasonable and somewhat open. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that’s the impression I had.

The other officers and members of the Pacific Grove Police department, well, touch wood, we haven’t had any dealings with. Good or bad.

So, yes, this used to be a bigoted little town. But I don’t imagine any of those officers are still around, at least I sure hope not.

Being a police officer and having to deal with the dregs of society day in and day out, has to be hard on the personality. And yet, none of this excuses the lousy, bullying behavior of “The Bully”. Being a cop is a lousy job, you get to meet and arrest the worst of society. I understand that. I just think if it’s too much for you to handle and remain a person, then it’s time to do something else. Becoming a bully is nothing short of turning into the crappy person you’re arresting.

Just my thoughts now that I’m not so mad.