I haven’t had a ticket in over 20 years. I have a feeling that streak is about to end. Why would I think that? Well, we live in a pretty small little town, Pacific Grove California. It’s one of those little towns where you meet the same people over and over.

Anyhow. It seems we are now at odds with one of the local police officers. She’s decided to take it upon herself to harass and badger two of the kids that hang around our house. Yesterday she stopped one of them walking down the street, handcuffed him, made him empty all of his pockets and then badgered him to see if he knew of anything. Why? Because a house had been burgled across town and he looked “suspicious” She also demanded to know where the other boy was, who was at home grounded, and if he would rat someone out.

So, I didn’t have the complete story, I just knew he had left our house and been stopped, so I went up to the police station fat, dumb, and happy to make sure things were okay. Then today she pulls the same shit. Stops him walking home from our house this morning. Brow beats him, makes him empty all his pockets hoping to find something, when she doesn’t, she demands he call his friend to “come over”. When his friend shows up she brow beats him. Make him empty everything, again finds nothing, tosses him in the back of the squad car to “question him more”. His crime? NOTHING. She just doesn’t like him and wants him gone. He’s a “trouble” maker. Promised him to be lenient if he rats on someone, if not she’s going to find something to arrest him on. She has “proof” he’s stolen a bicycle (bullshit), and if he doesn’t rat he’s going to Juvi.

What a crock of bull shit! So, this morning as all this was going down one of them calls us and Roberta runs up to the Polizia department to speak with this “officer”. During this conversation the “officer” wants to start asking questions about Megan. How is she involved with these two, has she been out at night, etc. I don’t fucking think so, and neither did Roberta. Needless to say, there is a very high likely hood that we will suddenly start getting pulled over for traffic violations.

Welcome to Pacific Grove. Where the people are friendly and the cops are Gestapo. Fuck Heads.

 I think it’s time to become a squeaky wheel. Start attending the town council meetings and asking pointed questions on the legalities of the local police department. See if I can piss them off as much as I am. This is the same police department that used to “escort” blacks out of town 25 years ago. Go ahead, think I’m joking.