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I finally got around to taking out the fuel tank in Wally, my 1974 VW Super Beetle to figure out why my steering was all messed up. Had a big dead spot and crunched when I turned at a stop or slow speed.

Well, it turns out that taking the gas tank out of a Super Beetle is actually less difficult than I expected. 4 bolts, 3 hose clamps, 3 slide on vent hoses, a pulled and plugged fuel line, and a couple of minutes of wiggling and out it came.


From Wally the Superbeetle


From Wally the Superbeetle

The wonky knuckle joint. The white bolt is actually just painted that way as a warning, take this off and steering falls apart. At least that’s what I read. This splined shaft and knuckle joint were loose. All I had to do was crank it down again and all was better.

From Wally the Superbeetle

The Wobble in action:

Now the steering is back to being nice and tight feeling. No crunchies, no slop.


I taught myself to juggle using tennis balls in th 6th grade. Here is Nora, teaching herself to juggle with scarves, she starts the 6th grade in a month.

My father and Sister used to be Boeing clowns. So, we’re a family of crazy people. (-:

One of the members from the Nitten Folk Club made a comment on Roberta’s blog about the song Reaching by Lesley and Rebecca Hale. I tried to upload a copy so folks could check it out, unfortunately wordpress has that “feature” disabled.

Anyhow, in my poking around I jumped over to the Nitten Folk Clubs web site. Nitten, by the way is the locals name for the town of Newtongrange, Midlothian, Scotland, where we used to live, and miss terribly.

The Nitten Folk club would meet on Thursday evenings at the Dean Tavern in downtown (read as only main street) in Newtongrange. Well, it turns out that some of the folk there have put together a band. The Ragged Glory. The web site isn’t filled in yet, but I’m WAITING patiently to hear some of their music, once it’s up on their website.

I’m in nostalgia mode. I sure miss those Thursday nights.

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