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Not only can it be fun to be a nerd, it can also come back to haunt you. Many times in the past I have spoken loudly about my utter dislike of Java. That slow, nasty, pain in the ass language that’s good for nothing but piss poor web pages. Or, how I used to think. Based on experience mind you. Try using a java driven cluster management tool with more than 200 nodes attatched and you’ll have the same opinion I do. And yes, that is a direct slur to the IBM CSM developers in Austin Texas.  Your product sucked crap!

Anyhow. I may need to change my opinion.  I spent a good part of today watching different talks given at the GoogleIO developers conference. It’s mainly directed towards the Android Mobile OS, which I happen to like very much and think it would be really cool to learn how to program for. What really kicked me in the teeth was the fact that the Android phones use Java mainly. It’s a base linux kernel with a Java Virtual Machine driving the apps.

So, now I might actually have to learn Java. I’ve avoided it in the past because I’ve seen almost zero useful applications written in Java, outside of a web utility or two.  Other than this blog I haven’t done much with Web development or with Java, outside of some poorly written supercomputer apps written in it. It’s just not something I’ve done. Now however, I do believe, Java may have come into it’s own. Watching the talks, reading some of the tutorials, and thinking about the way the Android OS works. Well, it might be time to get a book or two on the language and start teaching myself. Sadly, because of my prejudice, I’m going to be starting a bit behind the curve. Why couldn’t this be written in C? Or even C++ for that matter? Oh well.

Here’s the GoogleIO keynote. It’s a pretty interesting talk. It’s almost Cosmic Karma that I was watching this on an iTouch across a wireless network. Technology is pretty cool.


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