More from the wonderful Democratic Republic of California.

Thou shall NOT be allowed any fireworks. Period. Even sparklers are considered a hazard to the health of the state.  Smoke bombs could be used in acts of terrorism and shall be banned to all citizens.

Thou shalt be fined a sum of $1000 US Dollars should you attempt in any way to show your independence through the use of a device that resembles anything with gunpowder, smoke, or flames. All things not on the “Approved” list shall be considered a banned item.

All public shows of independence shall be banned through the use of the phrase “in these economic times”.  (The closest fireworks display to Pacific Grove CA is now 70 miles away.)

You shall be allowed to show you “independence” through the hanging of a US flag in an approved manner.

You shall be able to hold public gatherings on public land to celebrate the anniversary of independence. Provided you apply for the proper public gathering permits, pay the proper fees to the local government agency, and are approved by the local government agency to hold said gathering. Said gathering may be inspected/attended by a representative of the local governent to ensure that you do not excede any of the limits set forth in the issuance of the said permit to gather.