Have you ever thought about what’s stored on the magnetic strip on the back of your drivers license? Ever wonder what information Target stores when they “ask to see your id” and then swipe it?

Target did that too me when I purchased a game for my Xbox360. Asked to see my license and then swiped it before I realized what was going on. Didn’t ask, didn’t say please, just stole all the info off of my drivers license willy nilly.

The expression on the clerks face when I immediately dropped the license face up on the floor and then ground the magnetic strip to crap in front of her. Then politely said “You will never do that again.”

Target may have stolen my identity from my license but I’ll be damned if it’s going to happen again.

What made me think of this?  The lady at CVS tried to swipe my card when I committed a mortal sin and purchased, ready for this? Sudafed with pseudoephedrin from the pharmacy. You know, the stuff that works and isn’t filled with the placebo Congress forced down our throats for $1.85 Million in bribes. That’s what the German company that makes the placebo spent on Congressman to pass the stupid “Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005” and made it so difficult to buy a cold medicine that works.

Yes, I’m in the national database of people with stuffy noses. Oh the horror! The Humanity! I’m a fricking TERRORIST for having a stuffy nose! That and I’m an anarchist for not letting CVS, Target and the other retail stores steal my identity off of my license. I pissed the woman off behind the counter by forcing her to type the information in by hand.

Can you tell the sudafed hasn’t kicked in yet and I have a pounding headache?