I went looking at motorcycles today up at the local dealership. First off, hint to the salesman, glomming on and hovering constantly while I was there does not make me want to buy anything from you. Just a hint, you might want to back the hell off.

I was mainly looking at the SuperMoto style bikes but they had a nice GSXR 600 on sale for $6800. Last years model, but nice. I figured $6800 isn’t bad so I mentioned it to Mr Hovering and said, “What? About $7300-7400 out the door?” Nope. After “tax, license, freight, setup, doc & tire” (for a bike sitting in front of me) it would be closer to $8500. A $1700 markup over the price. Uhm. No. Goodbye.

Needless to say I’ll be looking to pick up something used.