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If, like me, you can no longer get to you might be successful if you use the IP address instead. Not sure what the story is, but it seems that the DNS entry has been removed. So, the only way for me to get to their site now is to use the actual IP Address.

This means that, unlike certain countries, the site isn’t really blocked, it’s more hidden than anything. At least for the DNS servers I have access to. And, yes, it didn’t used to be hidden, I will on occasion peruse articles on their website as they can be fairly interesting.

It’s interesting that I can’t get there after my interest was raised from reading this article.
Pentagon hunts WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in bid to gag website

Not sure when the block went in, I haven’t been to the site in a month or so. But, it’s blocked/hidden now.

For those of you who don’t know, wikileaks is probably the premier whistle blower website in the world. Unfortunately it seems that it was given a bunch of classified US documents and now the US governement is out to ensure that none of those documents get leaked. This could get ugly. Hope not, but it might.

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