Well well. There is now a celebration of geekyness and I didn’t even know until my friend Kate pointed it out.

On May 25th of every year, it is now Geek Pride Day! Woot!

Why the 25th of May? Well, for multiple reasons. A few being.

  • The Premier day of the original Star Wars 1977
  • Towel day in respect for the death of Douglas Adams. (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) Marking the day 2 weeks after his death.
  • The Glorious 25th of May. Terry Pratchet Disc world series.

Now I found out on the 25th of May this year that it was Towel Day. A few coworkers brought towels in and explained, as to a slow child, why they brought towels in to me. (-: (Next year, I’m there with my own towel.)

So, if by some chance, crazy as this might seem, I were to “come out of the closet” as it were, next May 25th might be a good day to show my Geekyness.

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