Over in the side yard you can occassionally get a wiff of something horrific. Well, we finally figured it out. It’s a Voodoo Lily, or stink Lily.

From Monterey Living

We have no idea where this thing came from. We didn’t plant it, and it’s actually growing inside of a different plant. Go figure. Anyhow, it’s also known as the Dracunculus Vulgaris, Voodoo Lily, Stink Lily, Devil’s Tongue, Dragon Lily, and Black Dragon. A lot of different names for a big purple stinky flower.

What’s interesting is that it’s next to a cement walk and on the other side of the walk about 2 1/2 feet away is the seed pod.

From Monterey Living

From what I’ve read it’s part of the same plant. I’ve also read that the stink only lasts a few days. Good thing or this plant would be headed for a quick demise.