We decided to take the girls down to Big Sur so that they could play in the river for a bit, then maybe get some lunch. Well, we made it down there okay, and even stopped at the Carmel Mission on the way, another blog post on that.

We took some sodas, sandwiches, and chips to snack on while at the river. Seems that’ now verboten! The Big Sur River Inn, which owns about the only easy river access in the area has now posted the following signs.

From Monterey Living

They have even gone so far as to have their own private Dick walk around threatening to kick people out if he thinks their food is from “outside” the Big Sur complex of overpriced stores/restaurants.

Needless to say we won’t be back any time soon, if ever. Which sucks because it used to be a great place to spend a nice summer afternoon. Oh well. Times change.