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Last weekend Roberta and I decided to go for a drive along Pebble Beaches 17 Mile drive before the madness of the golf tournament turned it into an impossible zoo.

Beautiful day, sunny and warm.

From Family
From Family

I ran across this and really liked it. Just thought I would share.

From the annals of it looked good on paper.

Roberta and I decided to pick up a couple of tents, sleeping bags, camp stove, etc. We’ve been getting parts and pieces here and there over the last few weeks. Today we went up to Walmart and picked up a couple of inexpensive tents they had on sale with the idea that we would take the kids down to Big Sur in the next couple of weeks and start camping again. It’s been a long time since we’ve done that, and haven’t ever slept in tents with the kids.

Well, it looked good on paper. We forgot we live in California. Every camping site we could find anywhere close to us is booked until, wait for it, the middle of August. At least 2 months. Yosemite,  late September. WTF? So much for that idea. We’d have better luck saying screw it and driving back to Montana to go camping.

I keep forgetting we live in the National Republic of California. I am reminded though, when I discover that a local camp site costs $55 a night, and up. For a bloody tent site. Go figure.So much for an inexpensive weekend of fun.

I guess we should have thought this out a bit more before spending any money on this idea. Maybe some day we’ll be back in a place where it’s not so, controlled, issued, taxed and monitored like it is here in California. Only place more bureaucratic than this that I can think of was the UK.

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