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Okay, it’s a rant about climate only in that I want to raise the question of “why in the hell!?!?!” are we so worried about a .6 degree change in temperature over the last 150 years? We have bigger problems in our world that we really need to address.

I’m going to pull some statistics from the World Health Organization for 2004.

In Africa 45% of all deaths that year were for children under the age of 15. 45%. Almost half of all deaths were children. 10.5 Million children under the age of 5 died in 2004 alone. 10,500,000 babies under the age of 5. Why?

  1. Respiratory infections like pneumonia. 17% “Curable with Antibiotics.”
  2. diarrhea diseases. 17% “Fixable with Clean Water”
  3. premature and low birth weight. 11% “Fixable with basic Nutrition”
  4. neonatal infections like sepsis. 9% “Curable with Antibiotics”
  5. birth asphyxiation and trauma. 8% “Fixable with basic health care”
  6. Malaria. 7%  “Incurable at this time. Preventative measures would lower death rates”

Of the top 6 killers of babies in Africa, only 1 do we not have a cure for. We as Americans love to piss and whine about our Healthcare, our taxes, the spoof of global warming. When all around the world 7 Million 245 thousand children under the age of 5 are dying because of the lack of basics. Clean water, basic health care, food. That’s 13 children per minute dying from the most basic of needs.Things that are easily solvable with effort and money.

Put this in perspective. In the “Rich nations” like America, Britain, etc less than 1% of children 15 and under die. 1% compared to 45%. In the rich countries over 84% of the people live to be 60 and over. In poor countries, it’s only 20%.

So, if you want to piss and whine about how the CO2 is “destroying” the world. And think that wasting a Trillion Dollars on fixing a .6 degree temperature increase is a “Top priority”. Think about 13 children per minute dying in our world from things that are curable and preventable.

We as a world society suck sometimes.

WHO figures found here and here and Reuters info here.


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