Molly and Nora ended up staying the night with Nana and Papa last night in their new house. So Roberta and I decided to have a date night. We thought about all of the normal places we go and instead decided to go to Pebble Beach before the madness of the Masters and the thousands of tourists show up.

We ended up eating at Roy’s at the Inn at Spanish Bay.  We were going to watch the sun set and hear the bag piper play, but it was a bit too cold out for Roberta, so we ended up eating inside near the kitchen. Which is an open affair where you can see the different chefs running around getting everything cooked up. I tried the teriyaki marinated roast duck and Roberta had the lamb. We had a lot of lamb over in Scotland, but it was always fatty lamb. Here it was lean and really good. I tried a bite.

The thing about eating at a place like Roy’s, you’re going to drop a good chunk of money for dinner, but it doesn’t really matter what you order. It’s going to be very well made and taste delicious.

After that we let our red neck side take over and we wandered up to Target and picked out a new laundry basket.