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Last night the Robert Down Elementary School here in Pacific Grove did their poetry night. This year it was titled “The Pink Sun Sings to the Night.”

Molly and Nora both read their poetry and had a lot of fun. One of the poems read that really stood out was a poem read by a 4th grader titled “Hurricane Katrina.”

From what I understand, the family moved here from Louisiana last year. They tried to stick it out after the Storm but finally moved here. It reiterates why I’m glad we decided to bail after only 4 months.

Hurricane Katrina

I am hurricane Katrina. I take lives away
every time my powerful winds
of water hit the earth. I cause destruction.
People run scared every time they see me coming.
I knock down trees, flood your streets.
I leave you crying for me to stop my fury.
I am not afraid. I suck you into my horrible waves
until you stop fighting me. I destroy all that is in my path.
I will make you cry and scream, but you can’t fight me.
I am too powerful. My waves will smother you
and my winds will drag you to my soul.
I show no mercy for anything.
I will never stop my strong winds and waves
that make you suffer. I will come for you, for I am hurricane Katrina.

M. G.
Grade 4.

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