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Roberta, Molly, Nora, and I went down to the beach in Sand City today to do some sea glass hunting. It’s what Roberta wanted to do on Mothers day.

Anyhow the tide was down and the girls had fun finding and collecting the sea glass. What was interesting was all of the debris on the beach. Not garbage, contrary to what the news will tell you, “we’re all gonna die of pollution!!!”, the beaches are pretty clean.

In fact we walked about a mile up and back and the man made litter consisted of a couple of beer cans, a bit of plastic here and there, and one Barbie Doll a kid had lost. There was more little up in the dunes sadly, a diaper, some beer cans, some plastic bottles. But, not down in the water line.

Instead along the water line there were Squid eggs by the thousands, crab shells by the tens of thousands, sea weed, etc.  Sadly there was a baby seal that had washed up also. The girls also found a small coconut that had washed ashore.  Which spawned an interesting conversation on where it might have washed from. It was still unbroken and filled with liquid. It sloshed when shaken. The girls are talking about burying it in the back yard and see if it will turn into a coconut tree.

But as for litter, there was very little. Which is nice.

Here’s what the squid eggs look like, at least before they come ashore. There were hundreds to thousands of these along the beach.

Squid Eggs

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