Well, it turns out if you take a Dell Latitude D830 laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 and place it flat on a desk. You then drop in a DVD, using Handbrake to rip and encode said DVD onto the hard drive. While this is happening swing to another desktop and start copying a couple of gig of data onto the home computer via the wireless adapter. Swing to a third desktop and open a web browser and start perusing facebook.

One will soon notice the high pitched fan noise as everything spins up into mega cooling mode. Well, turns out this wasn’t quite enough to cool things off. Poof! brrrrrrrooooooooop. The sudden sound of an emergency power down. Seems that once the system reaches roughly the boiling point of water it will shut itself down. Seriously. It actually got hot enough the bios did a thermally induced emergency power off to keep the laptop from cooking itself.

After this little incident I grabbed a copy of xsensors and watched the temp when I kicked off another rip/encode cycle. The internal temp went from 45 degrees C to 95 degrees C before I lifted the laptop off the desk and let some cool air circulate. So, since it didn’t shut down at 95 C it must have been hotter than that when it shut itself down. 🙂 Anyone need to cook an egg while playing on the laptop?


FYI. Handbrake is an awesome DVD ripper and encoder. However, it does not currently work with the new Ubuntu 10.04 unless you download the latest SVN nightly build and compile it yourself. There’s distructions on how to do it, heck if I did it anyone can.