As some may have noticed I am a tad against the whole “The world is going to end” mentality. Whether that is in regards to ice caps melting, oceans rising, ocean acidification, global warming, global cooling, whatever.

I take an inordinate amount of pleasure in pointing out that these forecasts of doom fail. Unfortunately that clouds me to a more sensible approach to the science. As soon as I hear “we’re all going to die if we don’t…” my brain shuts off and all I think is “another freak speaks.”

But that limits me to a one sided argument. Which is dumb. The problem is, how do I get past the frustration of dealing with people I think of as propaganda filled baboons?

An example of this is the rant about the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s moronic attempt at Green propaganda called the “Pink Flamingo Display”. I wrote the article, thought about it a bit, took it down, thought about it a bit more, and then put it back up. Why? because right or wrong I think their whole approach is moronic, irritating, and more damaging to their ideas than helpful. I would imagine the aquarium wishes for people to protect and preserve the oceans and habitats. So, instead of saying that they had to go over the top and basically say “people are bad, stop driving cars, destroy your way of life” in the name of the environment. It’s the wrong approach.

Anyhow. Back to the question at hand. How does a person try to form an educated opinion in this time of fact twisting, politically motivated, propagandized science? I haven’t had a whole lot of luck.