It seems that the Green Environmental Zealots have taken over the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The aquarium has always been way into the “Green” movement, which was fine, unfortunately it’s now so far in it should have sponsored by Greenpeace, PETA an ELF written on the door.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for taking care of our environment. But this is too much. People go to the aquarium to see the fish and animals. Not to get all this hogwash shoved down there throats.

What used to be a great place to take the kids to learn about the oceans and the life that lived in it has been warped into a “People are Bad” over the top environmental forum filled with junk science displays with nothing more than propaganda for the green movement, with some cool fish displays thrown in here and there. This really sucks because the Monterey Bay Aquarium used to be an awesome place to take the kids.

As an example of where the Aquarium has gone wrong in my opinion they have set aside a specific section of the aquarium in something they are calling the Hot Pink Flamingo’s display. Which cost over $3.5 million dollars.  It’s the primary section where they push their Green Eco mentality.

I find it funny that they actually list some of the steps used to push their ideas on the visitors of the aquarium. This is taken directly from their newsletter called Sea Notes. You can follow the link below and read the whole article yourself.

Here’s the list of propaganda steps listed in the Sea Notes from 30 March 2010.

Start with Cuddly animals and then show how the bad humans are destroying them.

  • The starting point, as always, is the animals: Wading birds like flamingos, spoonbills and ibis, whose wetland habitats will be affected by rising seas
  • A vibrant living coral reef, endangered as carbon pollution alters ocean chemistry in ways that make it more difficult for corals and other animals to grow skeletons.
  • There are jellies that can’t tolerate rising ocean temperatures,

Next, add humor:

  • A cheery young woman talks with visitors from inside a washing machine, etc. (Shows how you can save the planet by washing your clothes in cold water.)
  • Show a cow with a gas mask (since taken down due to outrage from visitors) with the phrase “Buurp! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but what the world needs now is less methane- and that means fewer cows.? (This really pissed off the dairy farmers in the area”

Tie in religion and feelings

  • There are places for people to share their feelings and stories:
  • How their faith calls them to stewardship of the planet

Sneak in some political twists

  • opportunity to ask their senators to support legislation that addresses global climate change.

Who ever sold this idea to the heads of the aquarium should be fired. This has done nothing but piss people off to no end. They ended up having to shut off the comments on the web page due to so many derogatory comments being made, and people saying they would never come back again due to this.

Monterey Bay Herald article

There was even a facebook group set up with over 4500 people called

“people avoiding monterey bay aquarium until they take the cow down!”

Side Note of Humor:

Remember those ELF Eco-Terrorists that burn SUVs and the like in the name of the environment? Well, heres a note from the MBA Sea Notes. I’m taking it out of context, but it is humorous in a “conspiracy” kind of mentality.

“There are opportunities to “Elf Yourself” into a video displaying simple low-carbon conservation actions, from riding a bike more often to keeping car tires inflated for better mileage.”