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Well, I think it’s official now. This is a nerd house. We have 4 computers running 4 different operating systems.

  1. Windows 7 Ultimate
  2. Windows XP Pro
  3. Ubuntu 10.04
  4. OSX 10.5.8 Hackintosh

It’s truly a head to head battle for the best OS. With the decision being usability, compatibility (games), security, and what not.

Comments so far:

Windows 7 Ultimate:

  • Bloated.
  • Highest compatibility
  • Easy to use.
  • As secure as a wet paper bag even with Virus Scanners, Firewalls, NAT, etc.

Windows XP Pro:

  • Compatible with almost everything
  • stable
  • getting old
  • like Windows 7, not very secure without drastic measures

Ubuntu 10.04

  • Low compatibility for games
  • easy to use
  • secure
  • a Lot slower than Ubuntu 9.x. Not sure why, but very noticeable

Hackintosh OSX 10.5.8

  • really easy to use
  • compatibility issues. A lot of games won’t play, but better than Ubuntu
  • currently unstable on my intel machine
  • fun to play with

As anyone who has visited us here in Pacific Grove knows, we have a lot of deer that wander around. Normally it’s pretty harmless, other than the stupid tourists that stop in the middle of the road to take pictures.

However, today was an exception.

I let Lady, our old black lab, out and instead of going to the bathroom she wanders in the side yard and finds a nice sunny spot to lay down in. It’s a gorgeous day here, sunny and warm. I’m standing on the porch behind the railing and I see a deer cutting through our yard. Now, understand, the distance between me and the neighbors fence is about 10 ft. It’s a fairly tight area. So, this deer wanders slowly past me, watching the whole time, then sees Lady and instead of being spooked, it just continues along towards the rear gate. Lady is to one side of the gate, about 3 ft over and just laying in the grass. Just watching and being an old dog.

The deer gets to the gate, and instead of walking through it and on to the back it turns and approaches Lady. What the heck? When it’s about 2 ft away, Lady still hasn’t moved, she’s just laying in the sun watching it approach, when the damn thing attacks. It does a mock charge and stomp at Lady, who doesn’t know what the hell to make of this and hasn’t even gotten up yet. By this point, my old fat ass is up and over the railing and I’ve covered half the distance to the deer as it starts another stomp at Lady, who is only now starting to scramble out of the way. It sees me, acts like it might make a charge at me, then I think it realized that I”m a hell of a lot bigger and fatter than it is, and I own a BBQ. You can almost see this realization take place in it’s eyes as it turns and makes a dash to the back yard with me hot on its tail.

Not a very smart deer. Little bastard tries that again and we’re having venison for dinner.


Here’s a picture of the suicidal BBQ item. Looks all cute and cuddly. It’s not. It was laying down in the neighbors yard so I went and took a picture.

From Monterey Living

Well, today is the last day of school for the kids here in Pacific Grove. Summer is officially here!

Our tradition is to let the girls have  Ice Cream for breakfast on the first and last day of school. This morning it was Marianne’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream from the Pacific Grove Market. Good stuff.

Why is it that a smoke detector won’t do a low battery alarm during the day? At 2:42 this morning there are 3 screeching beeps.  Bleary eyed and 90 percent still asleep going “What the Hell was that??” Half hour later it does it again.

So at 3 AM I’m up on top of a chair, with one eye barely open, trying to figure out how to get the smoke alarm down and unplugged.

Oh the fun.

Okay, it’s a rant about climate only in that I want to raise the question of “why in the hell!?!?!” are we so worried about a .6 degree change in temperature over the last 150 years? We have bigger problems in our world that we really need to address.

I’m going to pull some statistics from the World Health Organization for 2004.

In Africa 45% of all deaths that year were for children under the age of 15. 45%. Almost half of all deaths were children. 10.5 Million children under the age of 5 died in 2004 alone. 10,500,000 babies under the age of 5. Why?

  1. Respiratory infections like pneumonia. 17% “Curable with Antibiotics.”
  2. diarrhea diseases. 17% “Fixable with Clean Water”
  3. premature and low birth weight. 11% “Fixable with basic Nutrition”
  4. neonatal infections like sepsis. 9% “Curable with Antibiotics”
  5. birth asphyxiation and trauma. 8% “Fixable with basic health care”
  6. Malaria. 7%  “Incurable at this time. Preventative measures would lower death rates”

Of the top 6 killers of babies in Africa, only 1 do we not have a cure for. We as Americans love to piss and whine about our Healthcare, our taxes, the spoof of global warming. When all around the world 7 Million 245 thousand children under the age of 5 are dying because of the lack of basics. Clean water, basic health care, food. That’s 13 children per minute dying from the most basic of needs.Things that are easily solvable with effort and money.

Put this in perspective. In the “Rich nations” like America, Britain, etc less than 1% of children 15 and under die. 1% compared to 45%. In the rich countries over 84% of the people live to be 60 and over. In poor countries, it’s only 20%.

So, if you want to piss and whine about how the CO2 is “destroying” the world. And think that wasting a Trillion Dollars on fixing a .6 degree temperature increase is a “Top priority”. Think about 13 children per minute dying in our world from things that are curable and preventable.

We as a world society suck sometimes.

WHO figures found here and here and Reuters info here.

This was announced by Convey today. Full article here. Remember my “almost fingerless” redneck computer geek friend John? Well, this is one of his projects.

Convey Computer™ Corporation announced today that its implementation of the Smith-Waterman algorithm, widely used in life sciences applications for aligning DNA and protein sequences, is 172x faster than conventional methods and represents the fastest Smith-Waterman implementation1 to date.

Smith-Waterman is used in a lot of bioinformatics work, little things like genome mapping, protein comparisons, etc. The future of drug design, cures, predictions, etc will be done with algorithms like Smith-Waterman and the faster you can run it the better.

A friend of mine here in Monterey was just offered a position at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre in Lugano Switzerland.They have a Cray XT5 system there named Rosa and a couple of small XT4 systems. Should be a lot of fun. I know we really enjoyed living in Scotland.

Good luck and fair winds. Keep the beer cold and the couch warm!

Molly and Nora ended up staying the night with Nana and Papa last night in their new house. So Roberta and I decided to have a date night. We thought about all of the normal places we go and instead decided to go to Pebble Beach before the madness of the Masters and the thousands of tourists show up.

We ended up eating at Roy’s at the Inn at Spanish Bay.  We were going to watch the sun set and hear the bag piper play, but it was a bit too cold out for Roberta, so we ended up eating inside near the kitchen. Which is an open affair where you can see the different chefs running around getting everything cooked up. I tried the teriyaki marinated roast duck and Roberta had the lamb. We had a lot of lamb over in Scotland, but it was always fatty lamb. Here it was lean and really good. I tried a bite.

The thing about eating at a place like Roy’s, you’re going to drop a good chunk of money for dinner, but it doesn’t really matter what you order. It’s going to be very well made and taste delicious.

After that we let our red neck side take over and we wandered up to Target and picked out a new laundry basket.

Oddly enough I’ve been a diabetic long enough that I don’t really think about it much in my day to day routine. That is unless something odd occurs. Well something odd occurred the other day.

As most know, I’m a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic. Without insulin I would have died at the age of 30 when I became sick, with what turned out to be the symptoms of extremely high blood sugars. Like 8 times normal high. Like in kill some people dead high. Me, I just ended up sick.

Anyhow. I spent years on daily injections, up to 9 a day on average and then I ended up getting an insulin pump. Wonder of wonders really. I may be a cyborg, part human, part machine, but my battery operated pancreas works pretty well. The girls helped me pick out a purple Minimed pump.  Here’s my type of pump but in the clear version.

This is normal life for me. I don’t really think about it much. However the other day one of my co-workers asked me what was on my hip. I explained it’s an insulin pump. The first words out of his mouth were “Damn, I didn’t know you were that bad off!” Didn’t know I was that bad off? WTF? I’ve been pumping for over 5 years now. Hell, I went through the aftermath of Katrina with this pump. It’s not like I’m some wilted Lily that’s about to fall the frack over.

I suppose that for someone who isn’t a diabetic it seems pretty bad. But hell, for me it’s nothing. I guess you could look at it like a death sentence, I don’t. I always told myself it could be a lot worse, I could have cancer. Which, karma being the bitch it is, Roberta now has. I won’t even go there, cause that is a death sentence and I’m ignoring it for now. Diabetes isn’t going to kill me. I will die with it, but not because of it.

It just really struck me as odd that someone would react that way to my pump. I eat, sleep, work, exercise, dive, and live life just about like everyone else. I don’t know why it bugged me so much. I guess it was just a sucker punch I wasn’t really expecting.

I guess once you get used to something it takes someone saying something stupid to make you step back and realize that maybe things aren’t as normal as they seem. It’s amazing what you can get used to I suppose.

  • Bud Light- 18 carbs or 3 units of insulin
  • clam chowder and garlic bread from Sea Harvest 84 Carbs or 12 units of insulin.
  • Burger king chicken meal. 77 carbs or 11 units.
  • Yard long Las Vegas Margarita – I don’t know because my pump couldn’t keep up. 🙂

You just get used to it. No shots, just dial a dose.

The most beautiful version of this song I have heard.

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