Today I had the horrifying experience of changing out the wax seal under the toilet in the main bathroom.

The same toilet my daughters like to plug. After many many years of being there it finally let go and started to leak. Shortly there after it started to smell. So, instead of calling the land lady and having a plumber come out I decided, how hard can this be?

It’s not hard. In fact it’s a pretty straight forward process, physically. But once that toilet came up and I saw the grey slime/poop that had oozed around under there. The horrifying sight/smell was enough to convince me never, ever, to be a plumber. Not going to happen! I ended up having to use a scraper to clean the tile up under where the toilet had been, dropping the nastiness down the conveniently located open sewer hole 12 inches in front of my face. After that it was the bleach spray and paper towels.

Then, of course, the darn wax gasket wasn’t tall enough so I had to go get another one and stack them up to get it to work and seal.

Well, it doesn’t leak and doesn’t smell. However I’ve thrown away 2 towels, washed my hands a half dozen times (and I was wearing rubber gloves!), changed my clothes, and promised myself I would never chew my nails again.

Moral of the story. Hire a damn plumber!