Well, the NOGAPS models are now showing Sunday to be clear of rain.

Sunday rain forecast

Looks like the local weatherman was correct (more so) than the all powerful Navy forecast system. The local weatherman said “Rain on Tuesday” a couple of days ago while NOGAPS kept saying Sunday. Now NOGAPS says “rain on Tuesday”.

The Shame, the Embarrassment. We’ve been shown up by a tv weatherman.

Tuesday night (00Z Wednesday is about 5pm Tuesday local)

Here is the KSBW Ch8 idiot icon for the 7 day forecast. Rain Tuesday night.

KSBW 7 Day Forecast

Update: You will be pleased to know I walked down the hallway and gave Dr Tim Hogan a ration of crap over his NOGAPS model getting it wrong. Dr Hogan writes and maintains NOGAPS for NRL (The Naval Research Labs). His response? “I know! I know! I saw that. Go away!” Being the kind hearted person that I am, no laughing!, I offered him more run time on Emerald so that he could “improve” his model. 🙂 I’m so mean.