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If you notice the dichotomy between the following two posts, well, that’s what life is like for us right now. Dealing with the bitch called cancer on one side, living life and having fun with the kids on the other. This is just what life is right now. So, try not to get whiplash flipping back and forth between the extremes.

It is what it is.


I thought about not writing anything, but if you don’t know Roberta has cancer by now, well, you’re heads in the sand.

Anyhow, she’s been feeling like absolute crap the last few days. Bad enough that she went in yesterday and had IV fluids again to try and break the cycle. She started a type of Chemotheropy called Gemzar two weeks ago. It’s actually a trial program that she’d on.  This won’t cure her cancer, there is no cure, but it might slow things down a bit. That’s the hope anyhow. Her first dose was Wednesday a week and a half ago, second dose was Wednesday, three days ago, final dose is next Wednesday.

Gemzar has most of your typical side effects.

  • Flu-like symptoms – Yep
  • Fever  – some, not too bad
  • Fatigue  – definitely
  • Nausea – some
  • Vomiting – yep
  • Poor appetite – what appetite?
  • Skin rash – nothing yet
  • Low blood counts – don’t know
  • And yes the possibility of hair loss – not yet. Fingers crossed.

 Well, it turns out the worst of the symtoms, something called the Nadir period, occurs 10-14 days after treatment starts. Which she started 10 days ago, and she feels like complete dog crap right now. Semi good news though, is that most symptoms go away by around the 3 week point. Which is right before family gets here. So, hopefully she will be up and about again before anyone arrives. That’s the hope.

It’s time for the annual Good Old Days festivities.  Every year Pacific Grove has a home town festival that they call the Good Old Days. Lynn and Chuck laugh and joke about being amongst the Carnie Folk.  They run a Calimari booth. This year Megan was old enough to help out. Her first job.

From Family

While she slaves away, Molly, Nora, and I went up and watched the parade. Roberta wasn’t feeling well, and couldn’t make the Parade.

From Family

We were concerned that there wouldn’t be much of a turn out because of the cloudy weather and wind. Tomorrow it’s going to rain and thunderstorm. But, it seems like a decent crowd has showed up.

From Monterey Living

Our semi adopted child turned 18 yesterday. Leecha’s birthday was the 9th of April.

Happy Birthday kid.

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