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I’ve been driving Wally for just over a year now. I’ve never had a reliable spare tire. So I figured I had better go out and get one, seeing as how no one carries a 165R15 skinny little beetle tire in stock, and as such it takes a couple of days to get one in. I could just see sitting on the side of the road for 2 days waiting for a tire to come in. That would have sucked.

So, last week I ordered a tire from the local Goodyear, $82 for one tire mounted and balanced. I did that on Thursday a week and a half ago. It got here on Tuesday and on Wednesday I had a good spare tire sitting in the boot.

Today is Sunday, 4 days later. I go outside and this is what I see.

From Wally the Superbeetle

What are the odds? I mean after over a year of driving without a spare, I get a flat 4 days later. Sheesh.

Now, I’ve always had pretty good/bad luck with Wally. I suck a chunk of metal into #1 cylinder intake valve, and it nurses me home. I rebuild the motor and two weeks later I break a valve spring, it nurses me home again. Then I break a throttle cable, dead in the water, in the driveway. I buy a spare tire, finally, and get a flat 4 days later.

Update: Well, I changed out the tires and found out what happened. Not sure why, but the valve stem split.

Update2: I stopped at Goodyear on the way to work this morning. The new tire has to be ordered in from Phoenix for an additional $9. Total cost is now up to $91 a tire and won’t be in til Wednesday or Thursday.


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