I finally have a stereo in my super beetle, aka Wally. After over a year of no music, I can listen to tunes.

I found a Pioneer DEH-P770MP stereo. Single CD, removable faceplate, Ipod, USB options (Which I need to buy), and Sat controls all from the same head unit. Again, I’d need to buy the Sat system, but the head unit will control. It will also play mp3’s, AAC’s, and WMV’s off of either the cd or usb. (Accessory List)

Pioneer Stereo

I then went out and purchased wire, fuses, soldering iron, heat shrink, etc, and took my time and wired it all in properly. All connections soldered and sealed with heat shrink.

Yesterday I finally picked up the speakers from Best Buy. I ended up getting just a set of 6 1/2″ Pioneer TS-G1643R 2-way speakers, it’s a tiny beetle after all, not much volume inside for the sound.  When I first picked up the speakers I set them in the back storage area under the valance tray, I was desperate to hear the radio. They sounded high pitched and tinny. Oh goodness, I ended up with the wrong type. That was my worry. I decided to cut them in to my back valance anyhow, hoping they would sound better once they had a barrier between the top and bottom. I had already purchased them after all, I might as well try them. Well, once they were installed properly the tinnyness went away and they sound great! Whoo Hoo!

Total cost for this adventure.

  • Pioneer Deck from Craigslist: $80
  • Wire, soldering iron, etc.: $35
  • Speakers from Best Buy: $55
  • Labor: Free

$160 final cost for a fully installed stereo system in the bug. Not too bad considering the quality.

I still need to either purchase the Ipod interface or the USB interface. I’m actually thinking about picking up the USB interface and not the Ipod one. The reason is I can get 2GB USB sticks for a few bucks a piece. If they get stolen, so what. An Ipod is a different story. That and the Ipod controls arent’ the best according to the reviews I’ve read.  What I’ll  do is epoxy the usb plug into one of my toggle switch holes in the dash, that way I can just stick a small, unabtrusive USB stick in the dash whenever I want tunes, and I can have a 2gb stick for each type of my favorite tunes. Rock, Country, Classical, Celtic, Punk, Misc, etc.