During John’s first tour in Iraq he sent Molly and Nora matching T-shirts. They became jammies. As they grew they became just normal t-shirts that they would wear.

This was back in February of 2003 when John sent them. The girls still wear those t-shirts. They are getting pretty wore out. Last night Molly snagged hers on the desk and tore a hole in the bottom of it. She freaked. “This was from Uncle John! I can’t get another. This was from Uncle John!”

So we explained to her that we could put the t-shirts away for them, or they could continue to wear and enjoy them until they were gone. It was okay. Uncle John gave them the shirts to wear. Even though he’s gone, he’d be happy with whatever they decided, save or wear. They both decided to have us save them for them. When we went into our room later they were both on the bed folded up with one of Uncle Johns soft desert camo hats.

Some days those we lose are closer to us than others. The girls love and miss you John. Rest easy my friend.