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Well I went down to Salinas today and took my $191 certification test for Linux+. I passed it. So, what’s this for? Well, this fills the Government requirement, DoD Directive 8570, showing that I am now qualified to work on the computers I helped design and build. Seriously. I’m not kidding. Without this check in the check box I would not be considered qualified to work on the tiny, piddly, little clusters I’m currently building. Go figure.

I’m not sure how the scoring works on these things. There are 98 questions total and the scoring is  “a scaled score between 100 and 900”. Why this confuses me is that with the practice tests I always seemed to get one or two wrong, but on the final test today I got a score of 900 out of possible 900 again. That’s twice in a row. The Security+ test and now the Linux+ test. I’m thinking there must be some slop in the system or something.

Anyhow, I passed. Now I just wait for the systems to catch up so I can get my actual Cert. Oh the joy.

Oh Ya. Besides filling a check box, about the only thing my $191 per cert gets me is permission to show another one of these on my business cards, resume, etc. Only it will say Linux+. Somewhere I still have one for AIX also.

Security+ Certified


Well, I think I finally figured out my vacuum leak. After trying everything and going through a crazy amount of starter fluid, with no luck, it seems I finally figured it out.

I was afraid to say anything at first because I had thought I’d found the problem several times now. Yet it kept coming back. This time it’s been 5 days and I’m still idling and running smooth.

The fix? The darn vacuum hose from the vacuum advance on the distributor to the carburetor was old and sloppy on the distributor side. So, under higher rpms it would suck just enough air for the motor to stumble. I saw this on the freeway mainly. But when I was working on the bug and spraying carb cleaner, brake cleaner, wd-40, and starter fluid all over the place trying to find the bloody leak, it wasn’t leaking because the motor wasn’t shaking and the vacuum pressure was too low to cause it to leak.

Let me tell ya, It was a bugger to find. Anyhow, it’s running good now. Knock on wood as we Americans would say, or Touch Wood as the Scottish folk would say.

Anyhow. Even as tempting as it was, I didn’t light the bug on fire, I just kept plugging away and finally found it. Although, setting it on fire and watching it burn was very, very, tempting.

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